Frequently Asked Questions

What does Connectzapp do?

When you’re looking for work or staff Connectzapp puts you in Direct Contact with Matched Employers or Candidates


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How does it work?

Looking for work…

Enter details of the role you’re after,

View your matches,

Contact your preferred employers


Looking for Staff…

Enter details of the role you need filled,

View your matches,

Contact your preferred candidates.




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How do I receive the monthly cash bonus?

Looking for work…

When you give or receive a recommendation (reference), you are awarded Coffee Points. The person with the highest Coffee Points balance at the end of each moth receives the cash bonus.


As you drink your coffee each day, ask others to recommend you. Your matched employers are most interested when you have a large number of great recommendations.


And you could receive the monthly cash bonus!


Open Connectzapp then click Menu or click the Coffee Points Cup to ask others to recommend you

How do I find the best staff for free?

To view candidate matches for any role, you spend Job Credits. Your Job credits can be earned by-

  • Asking others to download Connectzapp and recommend your organization. When you do this you earn Job credits for free which can be used anytime to view candidate matches for any role you need filled.
  • Paying for Job Credits.

Job Credits do not expire. They can be used anytime.


Click Menu or the Job Credits Gauge to get more (you must be logged into your employer profile)

Are all my matches displayed? Can I get more?

Connectzapp will continue to match you for as long as you choose.

  • Job Seeker – while you are seeking work (set in your profile)
  • Employer–while your job is live (set in Jobs)

New matches will appear for you as new employers or candidates search for matches over time.


If you’d like more matches, either perform another search with different parameters or, just wait. The perfect match could be minutes away, a day or a week or two.  Check your matches regularly.


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Looking for work... Be Matched to your next job instantly
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