6 Persuasive Phrases To Use In An Interview (so you get the job)

Most of us like to think we’re in a rational world and the people around us are rational too.

But noting could be further from the truth.

Human beings are fallible, which means we all make decisions based on conjecture, feelings, instinct, and ever other irrational way we can.

So what does this have to do with getting a job?

Well, when you know what to say to people to help tip the sales in your favour, you can influence people to offer you the job.

I’m not talking about being coercive.

What I’m talking about, is there are 6 tried and tested phrases, techniques and questions that, when used properly, can help you to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the job.

1. After Hiring Me Or Someone Else, How Will You Know You Made The Right Choice?

The first is a question, and this question is probably THE BEST question you can ask when you’re in an interview.

You ask the hiring manager… ‘after hiring me or someone else, how will you know you made the right choice?’

This is arguably the best question you can ask in an interview because it gives you a clear idea of what the employer is expecting from you if they offer you the job.

You’ll also impress the hiring manager when you ask it, because it shows you want to be clear about what is expected from you in the role.

The most important reason for asking this is that when the hiring manager answers the question and is explaining what the perfect person for the job is, they’ll be looking at you the whole time, and projecting those feelings of the perfect person for the job onto you!

So when they come to making the decision on who to hire, you’ll be right up there on their list of people who are most likely to get the job.

This is a question you shouldn’t leave any interview without asking.

2. The Yes Ladder

The second is a to use a sales technique called the Yes ladder.

The strategy behind the Yes ladder is to get the person you’re speaking to used to saying yes by asking them a bunch of questions they can easily answer yes to, so that when you ask them a question that you want them to say yes to, they’re more likely to do it, because they’ve already answered yes to the other questions you’ve just asked them.

The way this works the best is to start with an easy question they can answer yes to, then gradually ask question that lead up to the actual question you want them to answer yes to.

This is a technique sales people have been using for decades. It makes the person you’re speaking to more likely to answer yes to the question you actually want them to say yes to.

It’s because you’re walking them up a Yes ladder.

If you’ve ever had a sales person use this technique on you, you’ll know how powerful it is. It makes you more likely to answer Yes!

3. Have You Ever Made An Exception?

The third is the question… ‘Have you ever made an exception?’

This is for when you’re in a situation where the person you’re speaking to can see you’re a good fit for the job, but there is a small sticking point they need to get through before they offer you the job.

For example, during the interview, the hiring manager may agree you’re the type of person the company is looking for and you have all the skills and experience for the job, except for one sticking point that is causing the hiring manager to hesitate offering you the job, but you can see that they’re impressed with you, and they’d like to offer you the job.

If you find yourself in this situation, a great question to ask is, ‘have you ever made an exception for…whatever the sticking point is?’

Take on board what the hiring manager says and then ask ‘would it possible to make one exception this time?’.

When the hiring manager answers this you’ll have a clear idea of whether the sticking point is something you can talk your way around or not.

4. If I Were In Your Position, I’d Feel The Same Way.

The fourth phrase you can use to influence a hiring manager to offer you the job is ‘If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way’.

When you’re in a situation where you know you can do the job but the hiring manager is still not convinced, and they have given you the reasons why, and you’re confident you can overcome those reasons, then this is the time to use this phrase.

For example, if the hiring manager has mentioned 2 or 3 reasons why they think you may not be the best person for the job, then your comeback could be…

‘If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way’. When you say this, you disarm the hiring manager because you’re showing them you have empathy for their position.

However… they may not have considered each sticking point form every angle, so now that they’re guard is down, you have the opportunity to explain to them why their perception about you on the sticking points aren’t right.

So by saying ‘If I were in your position, I’d feel the same way’, you’re allowing the hiring manager to let their guard down, so they’ll be receptive to you explaining why you ARE the right person for the job.

5. Use Their Name

The fifth phrase to use to influence people is not really a phrase. It’s using the person’s name you’re speaking to.

When someone is talking about themselves, they’re talking about their favourite subject.

And we all respond positively to the sound of our won name.

So if you can use someone’s name in a conversation with them, and do it so it comes naturally and doesn’t seem forced or put on as part of a strategy, you’ll have more of that person’s attention.

They’ll also feel closer to you, because friends and family use each other’s names, so when you do it in a conversation, the person you’re speaking to will automatically feel closer to you.

6. Because

And the sixth is the word Because.

When you ask a question or make a statement, add ‘because’ on the end, then give a reason for asking the question or making the statement.

When you do this, people tend to take what you say after saying ‘because’ as fact.

For example, if you’re applying for a marketing job and you say to the hiring manager-

My marketing experience is a perfect fit for this role because in my previous roles I’ve had experience in A, B and C.

Because you structured the sentence in this way, the hiring manager is more likely to agree with you.

So there are the 6 phrases, questions or techniques you can use in an interview to help you get the job, or use in any conversation really-

  1. After Hiring Me Or Someone Else, How Will You Know You Made The Right Choice?
  2. The Yes Ladder
  3. Have You Ever Made An Exception?
  4. If I Were In Your Position, I’d Feel The Same Way
  5. Use Their Name
  6. Use ‘Because’

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