Receptionist: Description and the best paid jobs

Reception – Receptionist

Description… and where to find the best paid jobs

Receptionist (definition)

Reception is an administrative support position. The work is usually performed in a reception or waiting area, lobby or at the front desk of an organisation. It usually involves greeting customers, clients or patients and directing their enquiry to the appropriate person or area in the organisation.

Receptionist job description and responsibilities

Receptionist duties include:

  • Greeting customers, clients or patients
  • Responding to inbound queries via phone, email and in person
  • Managing the diary or calendar of management
  • Possibly managing deliveries and dispatches
  • Ensuring front office stationary supplies are ordered when needed
  • Send and receive mail
  • General administrative duties
  • Other reception tasks as required

A receptionist’s objective or goal is to support their team and ensure enquiries are directed to the correct person or team.

Receptionist skills include:

  • Typing
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and other software
  • Good phone manner
  • Being highly organised
  • Being able to work as part of a team
  • Enjoying working with people

Receptionist requirements can vary from industry to industry, however the core sills and responsibilities are very similar across all industries.

Receptionist jobs can be full time or part time. Some organisations offer receptionist weekend jobs.

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Receptionist qualities

Some qualities that make a person valuable working in reception are:

  • A positive attitude
  • Great listening skills
  • Being dependable
  • Great computer skills

Receptionist work involves a lot of people contact, so great people skills are highly desirable.

Secretary VS Receptionist

The 2 roles are very similar, however in reception, part of your job involves greeting people in a reception area, lobby or from behind a reception desk. A secretary is not necessarily required to greet people.

Reception Jobs

A wide range of industries require a receptionist. Some of these include:

  • Hospitality (hotels)
  • Hospitals, medical centres and clinics (doctors, chiropractors, vets etc)
  • Dental (dentists etc)
  • Law firms

Any organisation that needs someone to greet customers, clients or patients

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Receptionist training & qualification

It is possible to secure a job in reception without formal qualifications or training. Alternatively, online reception courses can help you gain the skills required. You can also attain a receptionist certificate.

Receptionist salary - How much does a receptionist make?

Receptionist pay (wage):

  • Average salary for someone working in reception – around $22 per hour
  • Range – between $18 to $27 per hour

Receptionist resume

To gain receptionist work, write a resume that will get noticed.

Your resume objective is to get you an interview. Skills for your resume should include your experience, typing ability and computer skills.

Receptionist cover letter

To write a 4 sentence cover letter that will get you an interview, go here.

You can also use this for a receptionist with no experience cover letter.

Receptionist interview questions and answers

The most common interview questions and the best answers for each question are:

  1. Why do you want this job? For the best answer check this out
  2. What was your last job and what reception experience do you have?

Both of these questions relate to your competency for the job. For the best way to show the employer you are the right fit for the job check this out

  1. What are your professional strengths?

Check out this great way to answer this question

  1. Why should we hire you for this job?

Check out this great way to answer this question

Receptionist attire

Unless a uniform is required, there is no specific dress code for a reception role. As a guide a professional reception outfit includes:

  • Button down shirt or blouse
  • Skirt or pants
  • Professional shoes

Most reception positions require conservative business attire.

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